Familiarity, sexuality, and spirituality in romantic relationships

Familiarity and taking each other for granted can interfere with feeling and expressing love – especially sexually – in relationships. Seeing each other with fresh eyes can change this. Mindfulness practice can help us come into the present moment. Being truly in the present moment we let go of the thoughts, emotions, and concepts that keep us in a place of knowingness. When we see our partners as though for the first or last time we can reignite some of the excitement. You are not the same today as you were a decade ago or last year or even yesterday. Nor will you be the same tomorrow. You are evolving all the time – physically, intellectually and spiritually. So is your partner. Some people look to sex games and toys to spice up their sex lives. But is there a resource deeper than this one can draw on? I believe their is in spiritual practices which bring us to being more present to life as it is – free from the thoughts, emotions, and concepts we hold onto.

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