Relationship assessment

Using the Gottman model, I work with a three-session assessment process and an online questionnaire to be completed before the second session. The first session lasts between 80 and 90 minutes and brings both partners together to get an overview of the challenges you face as a couple, what your hopes and fears are regarding the therapy process, to look at the history of the relationship and how you have managed transitions, and to get a sense of you engaging in a conflict situation. The second session is divided into two individual 45-minute sessions and this provides the opportunity to deepen my understaning of each of your perspectives and to find out about your personal histories. I do emphasize for the individual sessions that we don’t keep secrets because they create an unstable foundation for a relationship and so anything raised in the individual sessions must be grist for the relationship mill. In the third session, I give feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and the areas we will want to work with in the therapy.

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