I believe that intimate relationships are one of the most difficult, and – when going well – one of the most satisfying, aspects of being human.

Perhaps this is why I find working in this complex terrain particularly satisfying.

I have completed Levels 1 & 2 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and use this model as the basis for my work with couples. I also draw on the work of Sue Johnson and Emotion Focused Therapy, David Richo and mindfulness for couples, Stan Tatkin and the role of attachment in couple relationships, and the work of Esther Perel.

I work with:

  • communication in relationships
  • adjustment to changes in relationships
  • couples preparing for marriage
  • preparation for parenting
  • parenting
  • couples who feel they have grown apart
  • dealing with infidelity
  • Managing conflict.

We work together to understand current patterns and systems existing in your relationship.

I recognise that each partner brings something to the dynamic of the relationship.

No one partner is ever ‘the problem’.

Together we help each partner recognise and take responsibility for what they are bringing.

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