My Approach

I use an integrative approach to psychotherapy, counseling and coaching. This means that I draw on several different therapeutic approaches.

I like to differentiate my approach from an empirical-eclectic one which also draws on different therapeutic modalities. To this end, I am informed by the integral framework of Ken Wilber.

The integral framework provides a comprehensive theoretical framework which plays a role in organising disparate and apparently contradictory theories and helps me to think about where our attention is going and where it might go in any therapy process.

The theories I draw from include psychoanalytic theories,  interpersonal theories, existentialism and cognitive-behavioural frameworks.

BUT, having said all that, I value the statement ‘Therapy should not be theory-driven, but relationship driven.’  made by Yalom in The gift of therapy (2001, p xviii)

And in my view the most valuable tool the therapist has to offer in therapy is the self. For the purpose of honing this tool I have engaged with my own journey of therapy and practices from the range of theories mentioned above. I am also constantly aware of bringing alert, non-judgemental attentiveness to my own thoughts, feelings and actions and value an ever deepening compassion for myself and others in this complex endeavour of human experience.


Further training

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